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Dr. Lisa Grimm

Dr. Lisa Grimm

Specialization: Cognitive, Social

Education: Ph.D. – The University of Texas at Austin

Contact: | (609) 771-2787

Office: Social Science Building 332

Office Hours: Associate Vice President for Strategy & Planning (currently on leave from full-time Psychology position). Students may sign up for an appointment using this link: Dr. Grimm Appointments

Courses: Cognitive Psychology; Design and Statistical Analysis; Research Seminar; Gender Gap in Science Careers; Psychological constraints: Unconscious Influences on Thought and Behavior (FSP)

Research Interest: Motivation, stereotypes, and individual differences; Procedural learning, such as required in golf putting; Standardized testing; Explicit and implicit learning systems

Motivation, Individual differences & Stereotypes in Cognition Lab (MISC Lab): SSB 14 A, D, and E

Website: Dr. Grimm’s Homepage