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An Internship in Psychology involves working alongside psychology professionals in human services, business, education, or other work setting.  The intern’s on-site work experience is supervised by an employee of the organization providing the Internship. An intern may or may not be paid for the on-site work by the placement. Because interns earn academic credit, the Internship also has an academic component.  The opportunity to work in a professional setting helps students apply and expand their knowledge of Psychology, develop appropriate professional work standards, explore career options, and build mentor and other network relationships in the workplace.

How Can I Complete an Internship for Course Credit?

What are my options for course credit?

  • Independent Internship (PSY399 or PSY487*). Students can enroll in either course any time course credit is offered (fall/spring/summer). Course requirements for site hours and responsibilities are identical for the two courses. The courses differ in the academic component, as PSY 487 is a writing-intensive senior experience course.
  • Counseling & Clinical Field Study Course (PSY398**). It is recommended that students working in counseling and clinical settings select this course option, as students meet weekly to discuss clinically-relevant issues.
  • For all three courses, students are responsible for finding an internship that involves intensive field experiences. The courses differ mainly in the academic component and in the course registration process. See table below. Instructions for finding an internship site and the course registration process are below the table.

*Please note: PSY487 was formerly titled PSY499.

**Please note: PSY398 was formerly titled PSY383.

PSY 399 / PSY 487

(Independent Internship)

PSY 398

(Counseling & Clinical Field Study Course)

Course Type Specialized 3XX, Senior Experience 4XX, or Psychology Option

*See ELOPsy note in box below

Specialized 3XX Course, or  Psychology Option
ELOPsy Course Yes (See ELOPsy course rules here) No
Course Format Individual faculty sponsor meetings Course meetings with other students
Prerequisites Minimum GPA of 2.5; sophomore status (For 487: completion of PSY 299) Completion of PSY 217; intention to complete placement in mental health setting
Registration Method Identify faculty sponsor and submit application through ELOPsy system (due last day of the semester before the internship semester). Register for course in PAWS (through standard course registration process)


Deadline to find an internship site Student sets up agreement with site before submitting PSY 399/487 ELOPsy application Student sets up agreement with site before start of PSY 398 course (not before course registration)
Required site hours (1 unit) 160 hours 135 hours
Variable course credit option Yes (consult faculty) No

How do I find a faculty sponsor?

  • PSY 398: The course professor will serve as your faculty sponsor. This professor will contact you after course registration to help you set up your internship placement.
  • PSY 399/487: Any fulltime TCNJ Psychology Department faculty member can serve as faculty sponsor for an internship.

How do I find an internship?

We have two important resources to help students find internships.

    1. Internships that students have completed in the past can be found here. This webpage has contact information, descriptions, and other important information.
    2. The Bonner program offers a number of Community-Based Academic Internship opportunities for students. Internship opportunities are listed on their website.
    3. Students can also find their own internship, in collaboration with their faculty sponsor/professor.

PSY 399/487 Information and Application Materials

Application Instructions

  • Detailed instructions for submitting a PSY 399/497application to the ELOPsy system can be found here: PSY 399 and 487 Instructions and Application
  • Applications must be submitted to the online ELOPsy system the last day of the semester prior to the internship semester (example: last day of spring 2017 classes if the internship will take place summer 2017 or fall 2017).
  • When you are ready to apply, submit your application to the online ELOPsy system.

Downloadable Application Forms


Additional Questions?  

If you have additional questions about internships, please contact the Psychology Department Internship Committee Chair: Dr. Betsy Ruddy (