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Fall 2018

The fall calendar is still being updated. Please check back for a complete list of workshops later in the semester.

All events on the calendar count for 97 and 99 credit, except those listed in red. If the event is listed in black, you can assume that it is for 9X credit and someone will be there to sign your forms (even if a specific name is not listed).   Any event title listed in red will not count for 9X credit. 

Virtual Workshops (complete remotely):


August 28: First day of class


September 12, 4:00-6:00pm, Trenton Hall 106: Collegiate Recovery Month Event — Our Stories Have Power, A Training of Breaking the Stigma of Addiction. Event description: “It’s hard to hate up close. Stories have the power to draw us in and connect us to the story teller. Special presenter Aaron Kucharski will teach participants how our college community can move away from the stigma of addiction and towards the pride of recovery.” Christopher Freeman, TCNJ’s Community Recovery Supervisor, will sign forms.

September 19, 5:00pm, Trenton Hall 106: Collegiate Recovery Month Event — How to Save a Life. Event Description: Millions of Americans Experience Addiction. This training will teach participants how to administer Narcan to reverse opioid overdose. This presentation includes education on substance use disorders, treatment options, and rescue breathing. The first 30 participants will receive a Narcan kit. Christopher Freeman, TCNJ’s Community Recovery Supervisor, will sign forms.

September 24, 2:00-3:00pm, SSB 325: Animal Assisted Interventions:  Dr. Kirnan will discuss her research with animal therapy, along with Tabitha Hilliard who will discuss equine therapy.

September 25, 6:00pm, Library Auditorium: Collegiate Recovery Month Event — The Comeback. Event Description: After failing out of TCNJ due to an undiagnosed substance use disorder, a TCNJ student tells his story of returning to complete his degree. Though counted out by many, this story illustrates that by through perseverance, grace, and the power of community, recovery is possible. Christopher Freeman, TCNJ’s Community Recovery Supervisor, will sign forms.


October 2, 12:30-1:30pm, SSB 103: Writing the Grad School Essay: Dr. Feiring will give tips and explain the process of writing the graduate school essay.

October 9, 12:30-1:30pm, SSB 105: Faculty and current students from the Master’s program in Human Resource Management at Rutgers University will present about their program and career opportunities in HR for Psychology students.

October 18, 5:00-6:00pm, SSB 223: Learn about the Romantic Relationships Research Lab! Dr. Feiring and her students will talk about their research.





December 7: All coursework due for PSY 97 and PSY 99


Instructional Intern Workshops