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Spring 2023

The calendar is constantly updated. Please check regularly! All events on the calendar count for PSY98 and 99 credits; please follow the instructions in Canvas to document your attendance and involvement in the events/workshops that you choose to attend.

Microaggression Virtual Workshop

This workshop can be completed remotely on your own at any time and counts as an event for PSY9x advising courses; the reflection component must be uploaded to Canvas before the end of the course.

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Feb 1, 11:00am, BIO 209: American Medical Students Association meeting. Learn more about the process of opening a file with our Medical Careers Advisory Committee (MCAC) and preparing to apply to medical school. Please email Mrs. Helen Kull, administrative staff for the MCAC, for more information (

Feb 7, 12:00pm, ED 212: African American Studies 3rd Annual Teach-In: Improving Black Health. Dr. Debeka Bennett will present the themes she’s found in her counseling and then talk about starting the Black Women’s Support Group and other strategies for meeting students’ needs. Dr. Yolanda Nelson will present on the challenges Black students face in graduating from Nursing and then present on “Moving Forward Together,” the mentorship program she has created to address and improve these outcomes. Dr. Natasha Patterson will present on the horrendous problems in Black Maternal Health and the Doula Training program she’s started to bring doulas (trained this summer in an innovative new program) to underserved areas. RSVP here.

Feb 8, 11-11:50am, SSB 105: Animal Assisted Interventions: Canine and Equine Applications. Dr. Jean Kirnan will provide an overview of the growing practice of Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) along with examples from her community research and volunteer work with her certified therapy dogs. Tabitha Hilliard, MA, CTRI, will co-present and share her experiences in providing equine-assisted services (EAS) to individuals with disabilities. Cali, Dr. Kirnan’s certified therapy dog will be in attendance as well.

Feb 13, 11:00-11:50am, ED 212: You are More than Your Career: Increasing Work/Life Balance & Quality of Life. This session focuses on preventing/managing burnout and building work/life balance in the early career.

Feb 13, 12-12:50pm, ED 212: Navigating Inter-generational Communication. This workshop focuses on age-related differences in the workplace.

Feb 13, 1-1:50pm, ED 212: First Jobs. This session focuses on the realities of first jobs and how to jump toward better opportunities in the future.

Feb 14, 10-10:50am, ED 212: 10 Things You can do Now to Support Your Career Success. Workshop focused on helpful career prep strategies to undertake during college.

Feb 14, 12-12:50pm, ED 212: Making an Impact at your Internship. Workshop focused on getting the most from an internship experience and (hopefully) translating an internship into a full-time job.

Feb 14, 1-1:50pm, REMOTE: Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Post Undergraduate Degrees. Learn about graduate options in this area and certification directions for future practice. Register here.

Feb 14, 1-1:50pm, ED 212: How to Say NO. Career workshop with space for discussions about creating a balanced lifestyle and learning to prioritize your own needs on the job.

Feb 14, 6-6:50pm, REMOTE: Alumni Panel on Transitioning to Work. Hear TCNJ alumni discuss their challenges and lessons about the transition from college to their first full-time job. Register here.

Feb 15, 10-10:50am, BSC 100W: Exit Strategy Series: Virtual Interviewing. Learn tips to get better at increasingly-common virtual job interviews.

Feb 15, 12-12:50pm, BSC 100W: Retirement, Debt, and Savings: What I Wish I Knew in my 20s. Workshop focused on early-career financial literacy and smart decisions with money.

Feb 15, 1-3pm, ED 212: Prepare for the Career Fair. Join the Career Center and employers for resume reviews, practice your intro pitch, review employers in attendance and create a strategy and more. Register here.

Feb 15, 2-2:50pm, BSC 100W: Cover Letters. Workshop focused on practical skills for writing good cover letters to apply for jobs.

Feb 15, 3:15-4pm, ED 204: Workplace Benefits Session. Learn what you need to know when you choose your benefits for your first full-time job.

Feb 15, 6:30pm, REMOTE: Career Exploration Series Session: Physical Sciences. Panel discussion with alumni working in careers related to the physical sciences, like geology. Register here. 

Feb 16, 11-11:50am, ED 212: Where Do I Go From Here? A workshop focused on the kinds of opportunities available to you after TCNJ with a goal of thinking broadly about possibilities for students who feel lost.

Feb 16, 12-12:50pm, REMOTE: LSAT Strategy Session.Learn all about the strategies that help students succeed on the LSAT in this information session. Register here. 

Feb 16, 1pm, Roscoe 102: Cookies n’ Career Fair Prep. Learn tips for prepare, practice your pitch, review employers attending AND eat cookies (including Girl Scout Cookies! Register here.

Feb 16, 1-1:50pm, REMOTE: MCAT Strategy Session. The Princeton Review’s strategy sessions are packed with information about the MCAT and the role it plays in graduate school admissions. An expert MCAT instructor will cover the content of the test, walk you through sample questions and share some examples of our proven
test-taking strategies. Register here.

Feb 16, 2-2:50pm, REMOTE: How to Rock your Interviews. Join Prudential as they cover top down all aspects of the interview process. From resume building and leveraging LinkedIn all to help find roles, to virtual interviewing tips and role analysis to help land them. Register here. 

Feb 16, 4-5pm, Library Auditorium: Graduate School Panel. Current graduate students will talk about what life is really like when pursuing a graduate degree.

Feb 20, 7pm, REMOTE:  TCNJ Skills Lab: Career Fair Prep. Register here.

Feb 20, 8pm, REMOTE: TCNJ Skills Lab: Career Fair Prep. Register here. 

Feb 21, 7pm, REMOTE: TCNJ Skills Lab: Career Fair Prep. Register here. 

Feb 22, 5-7pm, Library Auditorium: AAS Guest Lecture. As part of Black History Month, the Department of African American Studies is hosting a guest speaker, Dr. Joshua Myers from Howard University.


March 22, 6:30pm, REMOTE: Career Exploration Series Session: Education, Human Services, Not-Profits. Register here.


April 19, 6:30pm, REMOTE: Career Exploration Series Session: Arts, Multimedia & Communication. Register here.