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Counseling & Clinical Psychology Specialization

The Counseling & Clinical Psychology Specialization prepares students for employment, careers and graduate study in the field of Psychology as a helping profession. In this program, you will learn about a wide range of psychological difficulties, as well as the theories psychologists use to understand them, the research methods used to study them, and the techniques used for helping people who struggle with them. You will have opportunities to conduct clinically-relevant research and to develop your knowledge and practical skills with field-work experiences in mental health settings. If you are considering graduate studies in the helping professions or a career as a counselor, therapist, social worker, or practicing psychologist, this specialization is for you.

For more information about this specialization, contact the Counseling & Clinical Coordinator, Dr. Borders,

Counseling & Clinical Handout

Faculty affiliated with the Counseling & Clinical Psychology Specialization:

  • Dr. Ashley Borders (Chair)
  • Dr. He Len Chung
  • Dr. Candice Feiring
  • Dr. Joanna Herres
  • Dr. Margaret Ruddy
  • Dr. Jeanine Vivona

Counseling & Clinical Psychology Course Requirements

Core Courses (Taken in sequence)

  • PSY 101 – General Psychology
  • PSY 121 – Methods and Tools of Psychology
  • PSY 203 – Design and Statistical Analysis
  • PSY 299 – Research Seminar

Foundation Courses:

  • PSY 217 – Psychological Disorders (formerly Abnormal Psychology)
  • PSY 219 – Clinical Psychology
  • Other Foundation Course (Choose 1)
    • Your advisor may be able to help you in making selections.

*PSY 216 – Personality Theory and Research is no longer an active course. Students who took PSY 216 as a foundation course prior to Spring 2023 will still have the course count toward their major and toward the Counseling & Clinical Specialization, if applicable.

Field Experience:

  • Students in this Specialization must obtain a supervised field experience in a clinical setting for which they earn 1 unit. This provides students with hands-on clinically-related learning experiences that are viewed favorably by potential employers and graduate schools. We recommend obtaining this experience through PSY398: Counseling & Clinical Field Experience Seminar. PSY 398 is offered during both Fall and Spring semesters. The required field experience may also be obtained through an Independent Internship (PSY 399 or PSY 487).  For more information on Internships, the differences between PSY398 and PSY399/487, and the Internship application process, click here.

Specialized Courses (Choose 3):

  • Students select 3 300-level Psychology courses. Please discuss course selections with your advisor. The required field placement (PSY 398 or PSY 399; see above) may satisfy one of the 3 required Specialized courses.

Psychology Option (Choose 1):

  • One course (Recommended at the 300- or 400-level)

Senior Experience (Choose 1):

Students select 1 Senior Experience (400-level) course.

  • PSY 470 – Senior Topics Study Group
  • PSY 487 – Senior Internship + (formerly PSY 499)
  • PSY 492 – Senior Collaborative Research Course
  • PSY 493 – Senior Individual Study
  • PSY 494 – Psychology Thesis 2

Please consult with your academic advisor if you have any questions.

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