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Psychology Minor

The Psychology minor will introduce students to theoretical concepts, scientific methodologies, and real-world applications in the diverse field of Psychology.

Students are encouraged to declare their intention to minor in Psychology as early as possible.  As soon as you develop an interest in taking a minor in Psychology, fill out the “Application for Minor form, bring it to the Psychology Department Main Office (SSB 109), leave it for the Department Chair to sign, and deliver the signed document to Records and Registration.

The Psychology Minor consists of five transformed courses:

  • PSY 101 – General Psychology (with a grade of C+ or higher)
  • PSY 121 – Methods and Tools (with a grade of C+ or higher)
  • Two Foundation Courses (with a grade of C- or higher in each)
  • One Specialized Course (Any 300-Level or 400-Level Course, completed with a grade of C- or higher)

For more information, see the Undergraduate Bulletin for Psychology

Please note: Due to very high enrollment in the Psychology major, we are unable to provide advising meetings with Psychology minors. Questions about the process of declaring the minor can be directed in person to the Psychology main office. Information about applicable courses is available in the Undergraduate Bulletin and course descriptions are accessible in PAWS. Any remaining questions can be sent via email to the department Program Coordinator, Maddie Anthes (