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Academic Advising is the process of helping students match The College’s resources to their needs and goals so that they get the maximum benefit from their college experience and, at graduation, are prepared for life after college. Academic advisors help students plan their academic careers through the creation of a partnership. This includes preparing for registration, resolving academic problems, and offering academic/educational advice. Academic advisors should also be able to assist students with planning for internships and employment opportunities within their disciplines as well as advising about graduate and professional school applications. Also, academic advisors should listen carefully when personal problems are revealed and, when necessary, make referrals to the relevant office.


Advising Tips for Course Registration

Steps for Enrolling in Classes

Visit the PAWS tutorials for TCNJ students website for complete information on how to log-in to PAWS,  search for classes, browse the Course Catalog, view your Holds, add courses to your Shopping Cart, and register for classes. To view the PAWS Tutorial, click here.

View the exact date and time you may register by visiting the Enrollment Appointment section in the PAWS Student Center.  For step-by-step instructions on viewing your Enrollment Appointment, click here.

Check PAWS for any HOLDS that will prevent you from registering.  If there is a non-advisor hold on your account, resolve the matter prior to your Enrollment Appointment.  For the description of holds, click here.

Internal and external transfer students: An advising hold will be placed on your record for your first semester ONLY to ensure that you meet with your advisor. This hold will be removed during your advising session.

Update your Psychology Major Summary Sheet (indicating courses already taken).

Search for classes and fill your shopping cart.  The Schedule of Classes is available on PAWS.  Prepare for registration week by adding courses to your Enrollment Shopping Cart prior to your enrollment appointment. For instructions on how to use your Enrollment Shopping Cart, click here.

Check for pre-requisite issues. You can see if you have met enrollment requirements prior to your enrollment time. The new Validate feature (available in your Shopping Cart) alerts you to any requisite issues that may prevent you from enrolling in a class. For quick tips on using the Validate feature, click here.

Resolve requisite issues before registration. If the Validate feature identifies a potential requisite issue, and you are confident that the requisite was met, contact the Office of Records and Registration for assistance.

Meet with your faculty advisor before registering.  Find your advisor in the PAWS Student Center. Request to sign-up for a meeting via the link or email provided next to your advisors’ office hours OR you will receive an e-mail from your advisor to sign up for a meeting.  When you meet with your advisor, bring your Psych Major Summary Sheet, and a list of courses for the upcoming semester.

Interested in participating in a lab? Check the listings online to see what labs are accepting applications. After you have read about the Collaborative Research course on the website, click here to apply.