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Psychology Majors & Specializations

Psychology Curriculum

A. Psychology Core Courses (4)

Courses to be taken in order:

  • PSY 101 – General Psychology
  • PSY 121 – Methods and Tools of Psychology
  • PSY 203 – Design and Statistical Analysis
  • PSY 299 – Research SeminarStudents planning to declare a specialization should consider taking the Research Seminar in the specialization area.

B. Foundation Courses (3)

Students will choose 3 of the following. Foundation courses should be taken in the first two years.

  • PSY 212 – Biopsychology
  • PSY 213 – Learning and Memory
  • PSY 214 – Cognitive Psychology
  • PSY 215 – Social Psychology
  • PSY 216 – Personality Theory and Research
  • PSY 217 – Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 220 – Development across the Lifespan
  • PSY 267 – Organizational Psychology

*Students who took PSY 218 as a foundation course before Spring 2015 will still have course count towards major

*Psychology majors who are also majoring in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, or Special Education should NOT take PSY 220. Those students will take the equivalent Education course instead (i.e., ELE/ECE/SPE 201) and the Education course will count toward the Psychology major as the PSY 220 Foundation course.

C. Specialized Courses (3)

Students will choose three 300 or 400-level courses. Note: Some specializations require specific Specialized courses.  Some Specialized courses count toward more than one specialization.

D. Senior Experience (1)

Students will choose among options including integrative seminars, field study, and honors thesis.  Regardless of format, the senior experience will be primarily student-led, with the faculty member serving as a facilitator. Note: Some specializations require specific Senior-Experience courses. Some Senior-Experience courses count toward more than one specialization.

E. Psychology Option (1)

Students may take any course at the 200-level or above.  We urge students to take a 300-level or above course for their Psychology Option.

F.  Mandatory Advising Sequence

Students are required to complete a 4-course, non-credit advising sequence as follows:

  • PSY 96
  • PSY 97
  • PSY 98
  • PSY 99

For more information about the psychology major, including minimum grade requirements and the major application process, see the Becoming a Psychology Major page.

Click here to learn more about the advising sequence

To read about the department’s retention policy, click here.

For more information about the advising sequence, see the Advising Sequence Guide

For more information, see the Undergraduate Bulletin – Psychology.

Psychology Major & Specializations

All students must take 4 core courses, 3 foundation courses, 3 specialized courses, 1 senior experience, and 1 Psychology option. Students may choose, starting their sophomore year, from among six OPTIONAL specializations*:

The current process for declaring a specialization is to fill out this form, and have your current advisor sign it, then bring it into the Psychology Office.  If you cannot print, there are copies of the specialization form in the Psychology Office. Later on, if you decide to drop a specialization, please go to directly to records and registration. The psychology office does not have drop forms.

Upon request, a change of advisor will be made during the declaration of specialization process.

Students will be held to the requirements at the time of entry into specialization (for example, if the requirements change after you’ve entered the specialization you will be held to the original requirements).