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Applying to ELOPsy

Please begin by reading this step by step guide to applying. Work closely with your faculty mentor/supervisor to ask questions if you are uncertain about how to proceed.

All ELOPsy courses except Collaborative Research (PSY390/492) require supporting documents and an application submitted through our online portal. This process is important because it (1) protects you by allowing the department to have ethical oversight over all course arrangements, and (2) ensures that your course schedule will be correct by providing necessary information to Records & Registration.

Please see the website for the appropriate course below to learn about your required application materials*:

Make sure that your application is complete and correct before submitting it. ELOPsy applications will be reviewed no more than three times (the original submission plus two revisions); applications requiring more than three revisions will be rejected automatically.

*For Winter and Spring 2021, you do not need the R&R enrollment form.  Instead, you will need to upload your proposal and a screenshot or word document with email documentation that your course has been approved by your faculty sponsor and also your Department Chair. 

Ready to apply?

Proceed to the online portal to submit your materials.