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Applying to ELOPsy

Do you want to apply to ELOPsy?

Look at this step-by-step guide to applying to ELOPsy!

All applications through the ELOPsy online system require additional supporting documents. Make sure to fill out the appropriate attachment and submit it with your ELOPsy application.*

Make sure that your application is complete and correct before submitting it. ELOPsy applications will be reviewed no more than three times (the original submission plus two revisions); applications requiring more than 3 submissions will be rejected automatically.


*Please note that 390/492 (research labs) does not require the online application system – please discuss registration with the respective faculty member.

Click here for the Independent Study Attachment

Click here for the Senior Honors Thesis Attachments (PSY396/ PSY496)

Click here for the Internship Attachment.

Click here for the Instructional Internship Attachment.


Ready to apply?

Click here for the online application.