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Overview of Specializations

Psychology Major & Specializations

All students must take 4 Methods Sequence (formerly known as “Core”) courses, 3 foundation courses, 3 specialized courses, 1 senior experience, and 1 Psychology Elective Requirement (formerly known as “Option”) course. Students may choose, starting their sophomore year, from among six OPTIONAL specializations:

*The Psychology Dept. continues to accept Specialization forms online. Please follow these steps:

1. Download, complete (all but the advisor’s signature), and save the Specialization Declaration / Change form.

2. Email your completed Specialization Declaration / Change form to your advisor for review and approval.

If approved, your advisor will email the form and approval to Jasmine Kelly ( Jasmine will send the form and a copy of the approval email to R&R for processing and will assign you a new advisor in PAWS if needed.  Please indicate in your email to Jasmine if you have a preference for an updated advisor within the Specialization. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request.

Students will be held to the requirements at the time of entry into specialization (for example, if the requirements change after you’ve entered the specialization you will be held to the original requirements).