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Collaborative Research (PSY390/492)

Collaborative Research is a highlight of the Psychology major at TCNJ. This course gets you directly involved in the activity of one of our 20 psychological research laboratories. The laboratories maintain an ongoing scholarly research program that is directed by a full-time faculty member and run collaboratively with a team of student research assistants (typically 6 – 12 people). You will gain advanced knowledge of the lab’s research topics and develop your skills in data management, problem solving, public speaking, and writing about research. In addition to performing research, you will participate in weekly lab meetings to discuss relevant articles and learn more about how we design studies and publish/present our results. This course is beneficial to any Psychology major or minor, but is especially valuable to anyone considering graduate study in the social sciences.

Interested in joining a lab?

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  • For Psychology Majors: Students may enroll in PSY390 and/or PSY492 more than once. Collaborative Research can satisfy up to three graduation requirements: one at the Specialized level (as PSY390), one as the Senior Capstone Experience (as PSY492), and one as the Psychology Option (as either PSY390 or 492).
  • For Psychology Minors: One instance of PSY 390 or PSY 492 will count toward the Psychology minor as a course taken at the 300-level or above.