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Collaborative Research: Lab Learning

PSY 390/492 – Collaborative Research: Lab Learning


  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Sophomore status
  • Sponsorship by faculty member


  • Psychology Major: PSY 390 counts as a Specialized Course; PSY 492 counts as a Senior Experience course.  Students may count up to one 300-level ELOPsy (Experiential Learning Opportunities in Psychology) course at the Specialized level, one ELOPsy as a Psychology Option, and one 400-level ELOPsy course at the Senior Experience level.
  • Psychology Minor: One PSY 390 or PSY 492 will count toward the Psychology minor as a course taken at the 300-level or above.
  • Students may enroll in PSY 390 and/or PSY 492 more than once.
  • Repeat research courses on the same project must show SUBSTANTIAL change in learning objectives

Course Description

In Lab Learning, students are involved in the central core of activity in a psychological research laboratory.  The laboratories maintain an ongoing scholarly research program, directed by a full-time faculty member, and run collaboratively with a team of student research assistants (6 – 12).  Students at different developmental levels may be involved in varying ways in the ongoing research program.  Students conduct the day-to-day logistics of the research (e.g., student development, research tools/manipulation development, data collection, data management and computer entry, data analysis, data consultation, research report writing and editing, presentation in campus and professional conferences), participate in weekly lab meetings in which they read and discuss relevant primary resources and discuss specific current lab studies, and produce research reports.

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