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What is ELOPsy?

The Experiential Learning Opportunities in Psychology (ELOPsy) at TCNJ encourage direct student involvement in and exploration of psychological theory, research, and application.

By the end of their undergraduate experience, many students have become colleagues of the faculty members — this fact illustrates not only the level of work that students are able to achieve, but also the close relationships that students develop with their faculty mentors.

Students may take ELOPsy courses three times for major credit (with the exception of PSY 396, 496 which may only be taken once, and PSY 397 which may only be taken twice and must be associated with different courses). Students can take as many ELOPsy courses for elective credit as they can fit into their schedules.

ELOPsy courses may be counted as ONE Specialized course toward the Psychology minor. ELOPsy courses can be applied to THREE courses toward the Psychology major: of the three Specialized (3xx) and one Senior experience (4xx) ANY 2 of these courses may be ELOPsy, and an ELOPsy course may be the Psychology Option (for the third course toward the major). Please refer to specific Psychology specialization requirements for more information about which courses apply towards Specializations.

Some ELOPsy courses may be taken for variable credit: PSY 391, PSY 397, and PSY 399 may be taken for less than one unit. PSY 499 may be taken for more than one unit (but NOT for less than one unit). All other ELOPsy courses are 1-unit courses.


Types of ELOPsy Experiences: