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Psychology Test Library SSB 140 & SSB 5

Psychology Test Library Inventory

Test Library Book Inventory

The Psychology Department’s collection of current Psychological tests is housed in SSB 140. This room is kept locked at all times, unless it is being used by a faculty member. Because many of the holdings in the test library are “secure tests,” access to the library is available only to qualified psychologists or other professionals. Obsolete testing materials are kept in a locked storage room in the basement of the Social Sciences Building. The complete inventory of testing materials is available on the door of SSB 140.

Sign out: Faculty must sign out materials from the library, and cross off the listing when materials are returned. (The forms are on a clip board on the file cabinet in room 140.) As the APA ethical standards require, faculty are responsible for the appropriate and ethical use of testing materials by their students.

The APA Statement on the Use of Secure Psychological Tests in the Education of Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology Students is available here:

Note that many of the testing materials in the library are protected by copyright. This means that the tests may not be photocopied without permission from the publisher. Publishers often have discounts for educational use of testing materials, or policies that would allow copy of the materials for instructional purposes. Check with the test publisher if you want to make additional copies.

Additional information about testing and assessment is on the APA website:

APA also provides links to finding information about psychological tests:

Our library also has a link for finding tests and measures: