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Research Participation Requirement

Students must complete a research participation (PIPER) requirement in each of three core courses (i.e., PSY 101, PSY 121, and PSY 299). The current requirement for the Spring 2018 semester is 6 PIPER points per core course. Students can register on-line at to fulfill the research participation requirement.

Students who do not wish to participate in research studies must complete an alternative requirement.  The Alternative Assignment, offered by the Psychology Department, will provide students with an experience comparable to the eight required PIPER credits for PSY 101 and PSY 121. If a student is enrolled in PSY 299 and would like to complete an alternative assignment, the PSY 299 course instructor provides the student with an alternative assignment.  Additional details about Alternative Assignment policy and procedures can be found at

All TCNJ students are welcome to participate in research. Students enrolled in psychology courses at The College may or may not be eligible to receive extra credit for research participation.  If you have any concerns about receiving extra credit for participation in a study, it is best to ask your instructor for specifications about the policy regarding research participation for his or her course.