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Submission Procedures

1. Required Forms

Anyone planning research involving psychology students needs to submit:

2. Submit Proposal

a. Faculty and Staff Research

Complete the Research Registration Form at least two (2) weeks prior to the initial decision date desired.

b. Student Research and Classroom Projects

Complete the Research Registration form for student research projects and classroom projects must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the initial decision date desired. Proposals for student research projects and classroom projects must be submitted with the Faculty Advisor’s signature.

3. Notification of Approval

If the investigator is a student, the RPE representative will email the status of their decision/assessment, the RPE feedback form to the student and the research advisor. This way, the advisor will be apprised of the status of the student proposal and be able to determine if she or he needs to meet with the student.

Conditions of Approval:

  • APPROVED, you may proceed with the study.
  • APPROVED with Minor Revisions
  • RESUBMIT with Major Revisions

Revise, have advisor (if student researcher) sign new assurance, and resubmit the proposal via the Research Registration Form. Indicate on the form that it is a resubmission with major revisions.


In order to approve research, the RPE must determine, within its sole discretion, that the following requirements are satisfied: (1) there are no unnecessary risks to participants; (2) the risks to participants are reasonable; (3) the selection of participants will be equitable; (4) informed consent will be sought and appropriately documented; (5) adequate provision has been made for monitoring data collection to ensure safety of participants; and (6) adequate provision has been made to protect the privacy of participants.

RPE approval of a proposed study is limited to the specific study described in the proposal reviewed by the RPE. Approval is limited to 12 months. An extension of RPE approval for an additional 12 month period requires that the investigator notify the RPE of any changes made to protocols, questionnaires, or informed consent forms during a study prior to the initiation of such changes.

The RPE has the authority to suspend or terminate approval of any research that is not being conducted in accordance with these guidelines or that is associated with unexpected serious harm to the participants. When approval is either suspended or terminated, the RPE will provide the investigator and/or faculty advisor with a statement of the reasons for its decision.

4. PIPER Posting

To recruit participants for your study, you must activate an account on PIPER (psychology participant pool) system (see PIPER website) for more information. For student researchers, your faculty advisor will activate the account only upon receiving RPE approval. Your faculty advisor will let you know the maximum number of PIPER participants available to you.

It is recommended that you attempt to schedule some evening times for your project to give students who take evening classes an opportunity to participate in a study.