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Commencement FAQs for Psychology Graduates


When and where will it be held?

  • The departmental ceremony will be Friday, May 24, 2019 at the Student Recreation Center from 9:00-10:00am.
  • Although you may know the way, be sure to alert your guests of the location, especially those who may need special assistance. Please use the back entrance to the Rec Center (down the ramp). You can click on the following link for a map and directions to the venue:
  • As you face the stage, graduates will be seated in the section to the right, facing the audience. the front of the venue, in front of the stage

Is there assigned seating for guests?

  • Guests of graduates may sit in any seats *not marked reserved.*
  • The first row of audience seats in the center section is reserved for the families of our student speakers.
  • Guests of graduates can enter through the rear door of the Student Recreation Center AFTER 8:15am.
  • Please respect the College limit of six guests per graduate.
  • If you or any of your guests require special needs seating (i.e., space for a wheelchair), please send an email to Dr. Margaret Martinetti ( no later than 12:00pm on May 14 .

Do we need to notify the Psychology Department in advance that we will be attending?

  • Yes! Please click HERE to complete a very short Qualtrics form so that we know you will be attending and to provide a phonetic spelling of your name.
    **Please complete the Qualtrics form no later than May 14.**
  • IMPORTANT: In order to get on the departmental program, be sure that you have applied (and been cleared) for graduation as soon as possible, and have indicated to the college that you will be attending graduation. Students who delay applying to for graduation may not hear their names called (and therefore not have the opportunity to walk at the departmental ceremony).

Do we need tickets for guests?

  • No. We do not have physical tickets for this event.

Is there signing for the hearing impaired?

  • If you require a sign language interpreter at the departmental ceremony, please make this request through the Office of Disability Support Services (Phone: 609.771.3199, Fax: 609.637.5107, Attention: Meghan Sellet, Email:


What time do we show up?

  • The ceremony will begin at 9:00am.
  • All graduates will need to arrive dressed in their regalia by 8:45 AM and select a seat in the designated graduate seating area in time for the ceremony to begin promptly at 9:00am.
  • Remember to enter the REAR door of the Recreation Center (i.e., down the ramp) and instruct your guests to do the same. (The venue staff have instructed us to avoid the stairs.)
  • When you arrive, please look at a copy of the ceremony program and check that your name is listed.

NOTE: If your name is NOT listed in the program , please do the following:

– Locate the basket of index cards on the stage.
– Take a card and clearly PRINT your name (and phonetic spelling, please!)
– Give the card to Dr. Graham ASAP.

Do we process into the ceremony?

  • No. The ceremony will begin with faculty and graduates already seated in their designated areas.

What do we do when our names are called?

  • When your name is called, please proceed to the stage stairs on your right. You will mount the stage, walk across to receive your diploma cover and a carnation, and then descend the stage on the other side.
  • HINT: Keep the carnation and diploma cover on your left side and shake hands with the chair of the Psychology Department using your right hand.
  • Pause at center stage and smile for your guests!
  • After leaving the stage, please return to your seat.

Thank you for your cooperation! Congratulations, and we hope that you and your guests enjoy the ceremony!